Dealing with the Unknown: A faster Track to Diagnosis, Treatment

A primary care physician suspects that a patient has cancer, an abnormality is seen in the lung on a CT scan — what is the best approach to diagnosis? She doesn’t want to lose time sending the patient to one specialist after another getting a diagnostic biopsy, as the care team seeks to nail down a diagnosis. Enter Roswell Park’s Undiagnosed Cancer Clinic, a new resource for cases where cancer is suspected but not yet confirmed. “We’re able to offer the comprehensive and complementary services of a team devoted to cancer diagnosis and care — or refer the patient back to their primary care provider in those cases where we don’t confirm a cancer diagnosis, or where a course of watchful waiting is warranted,” said Martin C. Mahoney, MD, PhD, Associate Professor and one of two physicians serving the Undiagnosed Cancer Clinic at Roswell Park (716-845-5790).