Inpatient Nursing Services

Roswell Park's Inpatient Nursing Department cares for oncology patients of all ages with specialized disease-specific units. Inpatient units are designed to be disease specific with specialized nursing ratios and expert nurses trained for that patient population.

Why Should You Work in the Inpatient Nursing?

Roswell’s Inpatient nurses are committed, caring professionals, who play an integral role in carrying out the mission and vision of Roswell Park to understand, prevent and cure cancer. Each inpatient nursing unit utilizes a multidisciplinary team approach to nursing care and continues to strive at improving quality outcomes for cancer patients. For the second consecutive year, inpatient nursing has been recognized by Press Ganey, a prestigious designation that recognizes sustained high performance in patient experience. Opportunities for growth and professional enhancement are endless for all areas of inpatient nursing.

Inpatient Nursing Units

  • Intensive Care Unit: 14-bed medical-surgical nursing unit with specialized critical care trained nurses.
  • Intermediate Care Unit (8 West): 14-bed intermediate care unit. Nurses are advanced trained for this patient population, patient to nurse ratio is 3:1.
  • 7 West/East: Each unit is an 18-bed medical-surgical nursing unit serving patients in the post-operative phase of care through discharge.
  • 6 West: 18-bed medicine unit providing care to patients with solid tumor diagnoses.
  • 6 East: 18-bed unit providing care for leukemia, lymphoma and solid tumor patients.
  • 5 West: 14-bed medicine unit providing care to leukemia patients.
  • 5 North: 14-bed hematology unit providing care to leukemia, lymphoma, post bone marrow transplant and cellular therapy patients.
  • 5 East: 14-bed hematology unit providing care to patients receiving bone marrow transplants, both autologous and allogeneic.