Brand Names

Casodex® (There may be other brand names for this medication)

How is it Administered?

You will take this drug by mouth.

What is it Used For?

This drug is used in combination with other drugs to treat prostate cancer.

How Does it Work?

Male hormone (androgens) that normally circulate throughout a man’s body can encourage some types of prostate cancers to grow. Bicalutamide is a type of hormone therapy that blocks the effects of androgens (male hormones). It belongs to a class of drugs called nonsteroidal anti-androgens. This drug does not act directly on the cancer cells but rather inhibits the growth and spread of prostate cancer by blocking hormones that encourages the cancer’s growth.

Bicalutamide is usually given along with other hormone therapy medications, usually one of the drugs in a class called LHRH agonists (leutinizing hormone - releasing hormone). Leutinizing hormone causes the testicles to release a male hormone called testosterone. The LHRH agonists tell the brain to stop making leutinizing hormone.

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