Alumni Office

The Office of Alumni Relations has been established at Roswell Park Comprehensive Cancer Center to reach out and reconnect in an organized way with the thousands of clinical, pre and post-doctoral trainees, nurses, summer program participants and former employees who comprise the Roswell Park alumni worldwide.

Edwin A. Mirand, PhD, DSC Emeritus Vice President for Educational Affairs Emeritus Dean, Roswell Park Graduate Division, University at Buffalo
Telephone 716 845-5944

The goals of the Office of Alumni Relations are to:

  • Strengthen the bonds between Roswell Park and its alumni,
  • Provide an avenue for two-way communication between Roswell Park and its alumni,
  • Encourage alumni participation in student recruitment, legislative advocacy, career placement and professional networking and advocacy,
  • Foster professional and personal interaction through conferences and social gatherings, and
  • Establish the Roswell Park Alumni Association.

If you are an Roswell Park alumnus, please complete the Alumni questionnaire below.

Mail or Fax to:

Office of Alumni Relations
Fourth Floor, Research Studies Center
Roswell Park Comprehensive Cancer Center
Elm and Carlton Streets
Buffalo, NY 14263
Fax: 716 845-4565

Alumni Questionnaire