Connections - October 2012

Wed, 10/31/2012
Roswell Roundup

New Integrated Hematology Oncology Unit Will Enhance Pediatric Cancer Care

Women & Children’s Hospital of Buffalo and Roswell Park Cancer Institute (RPCI) announced the first step toward building a physician-led, unified pediatric hematology-oncology program in the new John R. Oishei Children’s Hospital.

Kick Off the Holidays at the Tree of Hope 2012

RSVP today to celebrate the season with the Roswell Park community on Dec. 3. Bring your family and friends as we light up the night sky - brighter than ever before - in an annual tradition of offering hope for all those touched by cancer.

Uncovering a Promising New Biomarker for Prostate Cancer Aggressiveness

A study led at Roswell Park has produced data showing that levels of serum glutamate, a naturally occurring nonessential amino acid, are increased in patients with primary and metastatic prostate cancer.

Giuliana Rancic Set to Bring Message of Advocacy to All Star Night

Entertainment journalist and breast cancer survivor Giuliana Rancic will share the story of life since her diagnosis at the Nov. 3 All Star Night gala.  Learn more


Abnormal Mammogram? Take the FAST TRACK to Answers

With Breast Cancer Awareness month coming to a close, women are getting often-needed reminders to schedule their annual mammogram. Routine mammography reduces a woman’s risk of dying from breast cancer by 30% to 50%. But for those women whose mammogram results are abnormal, what comes next does not need to be panic.

RPCI’s Breast Fast Track program is for women whose mammogram indicates a need for a biopsy. We know how frightening and confusing this can be, and how waiting for an appointment can feel like forever. If you have an abnormal mammogram, call our Patient Access Department at 1-800-ROSWELL (1-800-767-9355), and we’ll make sure you get the appointments, tests and answers you need—within days. With the Fast Track program, our breast experts provide:

  • Timely review of mammogram
  • Additional imaging as needed, such a diagnostic mammogram
  • Image-guided biopsy
  • Consultation in multidisciplinary Breast Center, including consult with breast surgeon
  • Follow-up plan

Many of these biopsies rule out cancer. In this case, one of our breast cancer experts will review your findings and schedule you for a follow-up mammogram in 6 months. If your biopsy does indicate cancer, you’re in the right place. RPCI’s multidisciplinary team will meet with you to discuss your next steps.

Sleep – It Does a Body Good

A lack of adequate sleep has been linked to many problems from high blood pressure to impaired driving. While research has suggested it’s the brain that’s affected by poor sleep, a new study indicates that fat cells suffer sluggishness when tired, too. What this means on a metabolic level is that the cells don’t respond to insulin as they should, and can lead to insulin resistance, a precursor to diabetes.

In the small, but intriguing study in the Annals of Internal Medicine, volunteers spent four nights in a sleep lab for either a full 8.5 hours rest each night or a measly 4.5 hours. After each 4-day simulation, researchers measured participants’ glucose response and took fat cell samples. They found that among those who were sleep deprived, the fat cells suffered a 30% reduced ability to respond to insulin. In addition, insulin levels in the sleepy subjects were three times higher than in the well-rested volunteers, suggesting that the pancreas was trying to compensate for the insulin resistance by making more insulin, setting up a cycle that over time can lead to diabetes.

“Getting adequate rest represents an often overlooked component of a healthy lifestyle,” says Martin Mahoney, MD, PhD, Associate Professor, Departments of Health Behavior and Medicine. “Lack of sleep contributes to poor food choices and overeating, which leads to obesity, an established risk factor for nearly all cancers.”

Audio Podcast

Identifying Breast Cancer Types with Roswell Park’s Experts

RPCI researchers recently participated in a landmark study that provided insights into the different types of breast cancer and the genetic factors involved in their development. Learn more about it on this recent episode of Roswellness Radio.

Events and Giving Opportunities

Start Your Holiday Season with The Paint Box Project

Buy cards and gifts that benefit cancer patients and feature artwork created by pediatric patients.  Visit to get started. 

Day of Giving at Walden Galleria

Start your Christmas shopping, get a great deal and do your part for Roswell Park on Dec. 1 at the Walden Galleria Day of Giving.

Mark Lung Cancer Awareness Month at the Breath of Life

Bring your family members and caregivers on Nov.  3 to enjoy a morning of camaraderie and discussion with others who have been touched by lung cancer.

Partners for a Cure

Clean Up for Cancer with Delta Sonic

Now through December 3rd, give $1 at participating WNY Delta Sonic locations to receive a scratch-off promotion card with a guaranteed prize.  Every card is a winner!  Prizes include a grand prize trip to New York City donated by AAA of Western and Central New York.  100% of card sales are donated to Roswell Park.  Purchase your scratch-off at a participating Delta Sonic location today! Learn more.