Connections - February 2009

Sun, 02/01/2009



  • Social Security Fast-Tracks Benefits for Certain Cancers
    If you've been diagnosed with cancer and the illness or your treatments leave you unable to work, you may have your claim for Social Security benefits processed within days rather than months. Read more about this new program.
  • Breast Density Provides Clues to Tamoxifen's Benefit
    For women who take tamoxifen to help prevent breast cancer, a simple mammogram may indicate that the drug is working. Recent research shows a connection between breast density and a woman's risk of developing certain cancers.

Video Spotlight

  • Researchers at Roswell Park are discovering how lenalidomide can dramatically increase the body's ability to fight certain blood cancers. Learn even more at the latest Partners for Progress seminar on March 19, 2009, where youíll hear from our experts about new options for multiple myeloma patients.

Donor Impact

  • New MRI Applications Could Reduce Unneeded Prostate Cancer Therapy
    After the initial diagnosis of prostate cancer, determining the severity of the disease and appropriate treatment leaves many patients guessing. Researchers at Roswell Park are exploring new methods of helping prostate cancer patients make these critical decisions.

Roswell Roundup

  • Patients to Benefit from Expanded Patient Navigator Program
    Roswell Park recently announced the expansion of its patient navigator program as part of a partnership with the American Cancer Society.
  • Two Renowned Physicians Named to RPCI Faculty
    Roswell Park welcomes William G. Cance, MD, as Chair of the Department of Surgery; and Roberto Pili, MD, as Chief of the Genitourinary Section and Co-Leader of the Genitourinary Program. Read more.

Events & Giving Opportunities

  • Snip, Clip and Shave Your Way to Cancer Cures!
    The 2009 Goin' Bald for Bucks season kicks off on March 6 at Roswell Park, and some local schools and businesses are already getting in on the action! Learn how you can, too.
  • Fight Back Twice as Hard Against Cancer!
    Learn the guaranteed way to double your charitable gift and do twice as much to help in our fight against cancer.