Connections - August 2012

Tue, 08/14/2012

RPCI-led Study Finds Medications Greatly Improve Smokers’ Chances of Quitting

Smokers who try to quit have a better chance of succeeding when they use FDA-approved stop-smoking medications rather than going it alone, according to a new study by researchers at Roswell Park published in the British journal Addiction.

Younger Cancer Survivors May Face Other Health Issues

Smoking, lack of exercise, obesity and other chronic health problems are among the ongoing challenges adolescent and young adult (AYA) cancer survivors face, according to findings recently published in the research publication Cancer. To better understand the AYA population, researchers analyzed health surveys and data from more than 4,000 people who were diagnosed with cancer between ages 15 and 29 and more than 345,000 without a cancer history. In addition to greater prevalence of smoking, obesity and other health problems, AYA survivors were more likely to have poor mental and physical health and were more likely to be disabled, unemployed or unable to work. They were also more likely to avoid seeking health care due to cost.

“It is clear that young adults and adolescents with cancer are a special population and should be made aware of their increased risk for these conditions,” says Lynda Kwon Beaupin, MD, Assistant Professor of Oncology and Coordinator of the Adolescent Young Adult (AYA) Cancer Program at RPCI. “Our AYA Program aims to provide supportive services to meet the medical and psychosocial needs that are unique to AYAs, beginning at a patient’s diagnosis, working with the primary oncology team, and continuing through follow-up.”

Keeping Cool in Extreme Heat

This summer’s heat wave served as a scorching reminder that that keeping cool is more than a matter of comfort. Record triple-digit temperatures across the country are blamed for more than 50 deaths in recent weeks and some people are at higher risk for heat illness. Elderly and those with chronic medical conditions are less likely to sense and respond to temperature changes. They may also take medications that worsen the effect of extreme heat. Take these precautions by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) to avoid heat-related illness.

  • Spend time in air-conditioned indoors. If your home lacks AC, go to the movies, the mall or library.
  • Drink cool, non-alcoholic fluids. If you take water pills or your doctor restricts your fluid intake, ask your doctor how much to drink in hot weather.
  • Wear lighter clothing and choose loose-fitting and light-colored togs.
  • Plan outdoor activities carefully. Avoid the hottest part of the day and don’t forget the sunscreen.
  • Avoid cooking with the stove or oven. Enjoy cool snacks like watermelon and ice pops.
  • Shower or bathe in cool water to help cool down.
  • Check on friends and neighbors. Arrange to have someone check on you.
  • Seek prompt medical care for symptoms of heat-related illness such as muscle cramps, headaches, nausea or vomiting.
Audio Podcast: Roswellness Radio

The Cutting Edge of Cancer Surgery

On this recent edition of Roswellness Radio, Steven Hochwald, MD, FACS, Vice Chair and Chief of Gastrointestinal Surgery, talks about the "evolution of technique and knowledge" that has led to minimally invasive approaches for many cancer surgeries, allowing patients to recover and return to normal activities sooner.

Video Spotlight

"Me, Too" Cancer Videos

In these donor-funded "Me, Too" videos produced by Roswell Park Cancer Institute, cancer survivors report from the front lines and share the details of their experiences, including their challenges, setbacks and victories, on the journey toward healing and hope.

Roswell Roundup

Cancer Study Compares Prostate Surgery Versus Observation

Prostate Surgery Versus ObservationOn RPCI’s Cancer Talk blog, Dr. James Mohler, Chair of Urology, comments on a new study that looks at the effectiveness of prostatectomy compared to observation for men with prostate cancer.

RPCI’s Palliative Care Program Receives Advanced Certification from The Joint Commission

The Department of Supportive & Palliative Care at RPCI has become one of only 15 hospitals nationally to receive advanced certification to date.

Honoring RPCI’s Pet Therapy Program

Therapy dogs, their owners and nearly 100 community supporters recently gathered to unveil a new statue bearing the likeness of Roswell Park’s first therapy dog.

Roswell Park Therapy Dogs
Events and Giving Opportunities

Painters in the Park

Artists are invited to participate in a unique opportunity to paint on the grounds of Roswell Park.

Bosom Buddies Walk for Roswell: Saturday, September 15

The WNY Breast Resource Center at Roswell Park provides invaluable support for breast cancer patients and their families. Do your part to support this important resource at the Bosom Buddies Walk for Roswell.

Team Cure Spotlight: A Night of Comedy in Support of Cancer Research

Join local comedian Peter Bisuito for My Big Funny Peter, an evening of live cabaret-style comedy to raise funds for cancer research at Roswell Park. Purchase your tickets here.

Partners for a Cure

Tops Friendly Markets

TOPS 5K 10KTops Friendly Markets is known throughout Western New York for their expansive grocery store locations, great customer service and investment in the community. Their ongoing commitment to supporting Roswell Park reached a landmark moment this year when they crossed the $1 million mark in cumulative funds raised on behalf of RPCI’s cancer research and patient support programs!

You can be a part of the Tops commitment to Roswell Park at the 5th annual Tops 5K/10K on Saturday, August 25. This family-friendly walk/run in Williamsville is great for participants of all ability levels, and features a fun and inspiring post-event party! Watch this video to learn more about the Tops 5K/10K. (Link opens in YouTube.)

Other examples of generous support provided by Tops include serving as a sponsor and supporter of The Paint Box Project and providing in-kind product donations for events like Carly’s Crossing, Bosom Buddies Walk for Roswell, Team Cure Challenge, All Star Night and more.