Connections - August 2009

Sat, 08/01/2009


E-cigarettes Deliver Candy-Flavored Toxins
These ìsafeî alternatives to cigarettes might not produce smoke, but what dangerous chemicals are you inhaling?

Extra Pounds, Early Menopause Linked to Uterine Disease
Find out what Roswell Park experts are saying about this new study.

New Cancer Test Offers Hope for Early Detection
A new testing method may drastically improve early detection of digestive tract cancers. Read how.

Donor Impact

Hot on the Trail of Personalized Medicine
Investigators Adopt Forensic Lab Techniques
Roswell Park researchers are using the same methods you see on your favorite crime shows to crack the case on the most effective way to treat breast cancer.

Video Spotlight

Patients Share Their Experiences
Learn more about prostate cancer and treatment options through firsthand testimonials. 

Roswell Roundup

A New Approach to Treating Advanced Lung Cancer
For certain lung cancer patients, a new targeted treatment method may mean fewer side effects and more effective care.

Suit Up for Carlyís Crossing!Carlyís Crossing Raises Over $90,000!
Hundreds of swimmersóand a special guestómade this yearís event a success for pediatric research and patient care!

Hey, Guys: Check Out the Prostate Club Kickoff!
Join us as we launch a new program to support men with prostate canceróand their families, too. 

Events & Giving Opportunities

Donate Blood or Platelets for the Chance to Win a ìGame of Lifeî Bills Package!
Help save a life today, and be entered to win this sports fanís dream package.

Spend the day in historic East Aurora to support the WNY Breast Resource Center.


Team Cure Events ñ Coming to Your Neighborhood This September!
Find the Team Cure event youíre looking for today!

A Hall of Famer Shines at All Star Night
Learn more about this yearís white-tie event, our featured guest, and how you can support the Western New York Robotic Surgical Center.

Business Partner of the Month

Hebeler Corporation
Hebeler Corporation recently made a special gift to benefit patients, families and visitors at Roswell Park. Read more.