Pancreatic Cancer with Drs. Boris Kuvshinoff and Renuka Iyer

Sunday, November 25, 2012

Boris Kuvshinoff, II, MD, MBA, and Renuka Iyer, MD, discuss pancreatic cancer, a complex and comparatively rare cancer. Studies show that hospitals which perform higher numbers of complex cancer surgeries have better outcomes. RPCI is considered a high-volume center for pancreatic surgery. RPCI’s Liver and Pancreas Tumor Center brings together a team of multidisciplinary specialists including surgical, medical and radiation oncologists as well as interventional radiologists, pathologists, dieticians and palliative care providers. As a result of this comprehensive care, over the last seven years, outcomes for patients treated at RPCI, have met or exceeded the national average. New studies and clinical trials provide hope for continued improvement in the care of those diagnosed with this aggressive form of cancer.