How do I find out if a clinical trial might be a treatment option for me? What if I change my mind after enrolling?


The way we learn more about how to treat cancer, the best way to learn, is to perform clinical trials. There's simply no other way, other than to try different combinations and to ask people to participate in clinical trials. It's important that we insist, when we allow a patient to join a clinical trial, that we make very sure he or she understands exactly what it is we know and what it is that we hope to find out. Patients' rights are vigorously protected during clinical trials and if a patient joins a clinical trial and decides to withdraw, the patient has every right to do that at any point in time. This is how we learn and we ask people to help us figure this out. In some cases, it will help the patient. In other cases, it may not help the patient, but it will help us as we go down the road and try to figure out better ways to lick this disease.

James Marshall, PhD