Do pediatric cancer patients have different doctors at Roswell Park and Women and Children’s Hospital?


They do not. It is the same group of pediatric cancer specialists who take care of children both at Roswell Park and at the Women and Children's Hospital of Buffalo. Some of the doctors within our team specialize, in particular, in pediatric cancers. We have a doctor who primarily sees those children who have tumors of the nervous system or brain tumors. We have pediatric transplant specialists. All of us are specialists in general pediatric oncology and see the patients at each of the centers. Roswell Park Cancer Institute and the Children's Hospital of Buffalo have had a collaborative relationship in treating pediatric cancer patients for a number of years. Each center brings essential expertise to this program, cancer expertise here at the cancer center at Roswell Park, as well as all the pediatric expertise that the freestanding Children's Hospital has to offer. The same doctors treating these children work at both centers. We treat the younger children primarily at the Children's Hospital. Those patients from school-age on up get most of their therapy at Roswell Park. With the new Children's Hospital being planned for right across the street on the Medical Campus, we anticipate a tighter collaboration still in the years to come.

Martin Brecher, MD