Breast Cancer Awareness: Part 3 of 4 - Clinical Trials with Dr. O'Connor and E. Kittleman

Sunday, October 24, 2010

Dr. Tracey O'Connor, Clinical Research Coordinator Erin Kittleman and RPCI patient Tricia Dittmer dropped into the Entercom studios this week to tell host Tim Wenger and the Roswellness Radio listening audience about the key role that clinical trials play — in the lives of individual patients and to the international community. Dr. O'Connor, a medical oncologist with the Breast Cancer Center at RPCI, and Kittleman are joined by Dittmer, who offers insights on what it was like to participate in a clinical trial.

The show, which airs Sunday, Oct. 24 on WBEN-AM 930 at 6:30am, zeroes in on clinical trials available to breast cancer patients at RPCI - what these research studies are, why they're important and what a participant can expect. For this podcast and many others from our Roswellness Radio series, go to