Roswellness - Vol. 12, No. 2 - Summer '09

Wed, 07/01/2009

In this Issue

Whose Fault Is It Anyway? • What About the Patient? • Actress Colleen Pinter Faces Lifetime Drama • Boys Need HPV Vaccination Too • Clinical Trial Myths • Does Stress Cause Cancer? • Cancer Information Program • Mary Flanigan: Attitude Adjuster • Kaitlyn Schneider's Early Cancer Education • In Memorium: John Black, Michael Doran, Matthew Schnirel • Across Borders: Guru Charitable Foundation • Shastikant Lele Endowed Fellowship • Andrew and Helen Cappuccino in Kenya • Save a Life at Lunch • Cord Blood Collection • Magnet Hospital for Nursing Excellence • Cancer Screening Guidelines • Goin' Bald for Bucks • Trilogy Targeted Radiation • Robotic Surgery • Researchers ID New Drug for Breast and Colon Cancer • KX2-391 Shows Benefit in Clinical Trials • Sabres Alumni for Breast Cancer Awareness • Frances Lucille Hanes and Richard Babcock Legacy Gifts • Adopt a Work of Art • Reggie Clark, Diversity Director