Infectious Diseases and Infection Prevention and Control

The Infectious Diseases service is comprised of two attending physicians specializing in Infectious Diseases, Drs. Brahm Segal and Nick Almyroudis, as well as consulting physician Dr. Ryosuke Osawa. The service provides inpatient and outpatient consultation in Infectious Diseases to all services of Roswell Park and formulates policies related to Infectious Diseases. Dr. Segal also oversees all clinical aspects of the Infection Prevention and Control Department.

The Infection Prevention and Control Department at Roswell Park consists of Clinical Operations Officer; Kimberly Hinckley, RN, BSN, CIC; Jennifer Harrington, MA; Christina Ostwald, RN, BSN; and Daniel Keppel.

Dr. Segal’s research focuses on mechanisms of inflammation that are relevant to host defense against microbes and to diseases of inflammation, such as acute lung injury and tumorigenesis. Dr. Segal is also a member of the Department of Immunology and the Tumor Immunology Program. Members of his research lab include Melissa Grimm, PhD; Nazmul Khan, PhD; ID Fellow Mateen Rahman, MD; and graduate student Kelly Singel. Dr. Almyroudis’ research interests are clinical and relate to pathogenesis and treatment of infections in cancer patients.