Immune Analysis Facility

"The Immune Analysis Facility (IAF) provides a broad range of state-of-the-art immunologic assessments, performed under a rigorous quality-control program. We compare pre-treatment and post-treatment immune functions to evaluate the effectiveness of each therapy. This analysis leads to promising developments for cancer patients, and better personalized care."

Junko Matsuzaki, PhD, Director, Immune Analysis Facility

The Immune Analysis Facility (IAF) is responsible for serial monitoring of immunologic functions in patients with cancer, those who are treated with biologic therapies, and those who participate in clinical trials or research protocols at Roswell Park and other sites.

Comprehensive immunomonitoring for cancer patients. Fluid and cell compartments are isolated from biospecimens (blood, tumor and ascites) for analyzing therapy-induced immune responses.

The development of immune-monitoring assays is essential to determine the immune responses in patients receiving novel immune therapies and ultimately transitioning these therapies from the clinical trial phase to standard of care.

The IAF makes available to its users a broad range of state-of-the-art immunologic assays, performed under a rigorous quality-control program. In addition, as advances in immunobiology occur and new assays are requested by the users, the IAF performs preclinical evaluations of the assays and, when they become reliable and standardized, adds them to the available assay list.


  • CTL Core 6 ELISPOT reader
  • BioTek Synergy HT microplate reader
  • Seahorse Xfe 96 Extracellular Flux Analyzer
  • Helios, a CyTOF System - for Mass Cytometry
  • Laser Ablation Module - for Imaging Mass Cytometry


Junko Matsuzaki, PhD
Phone: 716-845-8459

Katherine Collins, MS
Laboratory Technician – Seahorse assay, cell culture, PBMC/serum isolation
Phone: 716-845-6458

Colin King, MS
Laboratory Technician – PBMC/serum isolation, ELISA, flow cytometry, cell culture, data/sample management
Phone: 716-845-1574

Courtney Ryan, MS
Research Technologist – PBMC/serum isolation, DNA/RNA extraction, gene expression by qPCR and RT-PCR, HLA typing, ELISA
Phone: 716-845-6555