Igor Koman, MD, PhD, DSci Igor Koman, MD, PhD, DSci

Igor Koman

MD, PhD, DSci

Specializing In:

Personalized and Translational Medicine

About Igor Koman


Roswell Park Comprehensive Cancer Center
  • Adjunct Professor
  • Cell Stress Biology


Education and Training:

  • MD - Oncology, Russian State Medical University, Moscow, Russia
  • PhD - Clinical Pharmacology, Sechenov Medical Academy, Moscow, Russia


Research Overview:

Dr. Koman's personal research interests are spanned through two main areas: Therapeutic target identification in solid cancers and the search for novel anticancer treatments including both the discovery of new drug candidates and the repurposing of existing medicines. Some results of his collaboration with Cell Stress Biology researchers on the epigenetic mechanisms of action of novel anticancer drug candidates curaxins and on a new integrin receptor binding agent ALOS4 with anticancer and anti-inflammatory properties were published in reputable scientific journals.

The research team headed by Dr. Koman works on building a comprehensive platform in personalized medicine to integrate tumor molecular profiles with biological pathways in different contexts including metabolomics, proteomics and a wide set of other studies aimed to identify unique therapeutic targets and select highly specific agents acting against them. The group consisting of scientists, medical doctors, bioinformaticians demonstrated success in finding individual therapeutic solutions in specific cases of advanced solid cancers.


Full Publications list on PubMed
  • Link between personality and response to THC exposure
    Article - November 2019
  • Abstract 1755: Chromatin trapping is a key factor for anticancer cytotoxicity of DNA-binding small molecule drugs
    Conference Paper - July 2019
  • PO-459 Systemic anti-inflammatory effect of a new anticancer cyclic peptide alos4
    Conference Paper - June 2018
  • TRAIN (Transcription of Repeats Activates INterferon) in response to chromatin destabilization induced by small molecules in mammalian cells
    Article - February 2018
  • Role of Chromatin Damage and Chromatin Trapping of FACT in Mediating the Anticancer Cytotoxicity of DNA-Binding Small Molecule Drugs
    Article - January 2018

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