Wedding Favors


Getting married and seeking an alternative to traditional gifts?

Consider making a donation to cancer research and patient care programs at Roswell Park.

Our team will design and print table tent cards or bookmarks free-of-charge so that you can share your thanks with your guests on your big day, and you can make your gift in honor or memory of someone you love. 

Download and complete this request form or contact Joanne Glose by email or phone at 716-845-8119. 

Wedding Favor Testimonials

We wanted to touch people’s heart with a donation, as many in our family have been touched by the effects of cancer. On a day that we are celebrated as a bride and groom, we wanted to celebrate those who have fought with cancer, whether the battle was won or lost. – Amanda

In lieu of favors, my fiancee and I chose to donate to Roswell Park. My step-dad was at Roswell for over a year and they were absolutely wonderful. Unfortunately, he passed away from lung cancer in May 2006 and I lost my grandpa from the same disease in July of the same year. I would love for cancer to not exist in the world and the only way for that to happen is with research and amazing doctors. It was important to me to make a donation to honor our loved ones who we have lost.

– Staci S.