Unlocking the Cause of Cancer Treatment Related Leukemia Through the Next-Generation Sequencing Technology

Song Yao, PhD

Chemotherapy has greatly extended survival in women diagnosed with breast cancer. However, the success does not come without a price. A small proportion of breast cancer patients who are treated may develop certain types of leukemia, which is highly fatal. It is thus critical to understand the cause of this treatment related leukemia and to predict the risk prior to treatment, therefore, patients at high risk can be treated with other drugs.

In this Alliance Foundation funded project, Dr. Song Yao and his team will use the state-of-the-art next generation sequencing technique to interrogate the whole human genome at a very high depth to search for genetic changes that underlies the treatment related leukemia. The study will be a first important step to understand, predict and potentially treat this fatal side effect due to cancer treatment.