A Source of Support for Patients in Need

Improved support groups, finance program help fill in the gaps

Cancer doesn’t take just a physical toll. Patients and their families grapple with questions and anxieties throughout their journey with the disease, from the practical to the abstract: What will chemo be like? What happens when I go back to work? How will I tell my kids?

Support groups at Roswell Park offer the chance for patients and their loved ones to seek answers to their questions from others who face similar issues. Now, thanks to your donations, the groups are expanding and offering a new level of support.

A recent grant, funded by your gifts, will allow the Social Work Department to bring in outside speakers to offer an expert’s take on the issues faced by group members. These funds also provide support materials to offer a more comprehensive experience.

“Studies have shown that patients with good psychosocial support do better in terms of their overall health, and these groups can be an important part of that care plan,” says Susan Sharcot, formerly of Roswell Park.

These funds also provide relief to patients with a different kind of need. All patients at Roswell Park have access to financial counselors who help them navigate the often-tricky ordeal of care-related finances. When all available resources are exhausted, and it is determined the patient has a critical need, this grant helps fill the gap in care.

“This program, thanks to donor support, helps remove barriers that may prevent a patient from accessing the care they need,” Sharcot adds.