Do Antioxidants Help or Hinder Chemotherapy?

Donations are helping Roswell Park to find answers

Cancer patients report widespread use of antioxidant supplements during chemotherapy, despite recommendations from national cancer organizations that supplements not be used during treatment. However, some laboratory-based studies seem to show that antioxidants may actually enhance the effects of chemotherapy drugs.

Christine Ambrosone, PhD, Chair of Epidemiology and Cancer Prevention at Roswell Park, wanted to answer the question once and for all. Thanks to donor funding, Dr. Ambrosone was able to continue key elements of this important research on antioxidant supplements.

“Currently there are no sound clinical data to guide physicians in providing recommendations to their patients regarding the use of antioxidant supplements during treatment,” said Dr. Ambrosone. “This study will have the capabilities to answer extremely important questions in the care of cancer patients today and provide data that may lead to reduced treatment toxicities and increased disease-free survival.”