Your Dollars at Work

Corporate partnerships support both cancer research and patient care programs.

Cancer research is funded twice annually through competitively awarded grants determined by Roswell Park’s Scientific Advisory Committee, comprised of clinicians, scientists, and administrative managers. The grants provide coveted start-up funding for breakthrough research ideas – investigations with the potential to revolutionize cancer prevention and treatment.     
Patient care programs are funded through a similar process by The Quality of Life Committee made up of those closest to Roswell’s patients – nurses, physicians, and representatives from other patient care and support areas.
Every $1 of unrestricted funding donated to Roswell Park generates an additional $7 in new grant funding!

Your corporate support will let Roswell Park make progress on efforts including:

  • Studying new therapies to improve treatments for patients with breast cancer
  • Researching the genetics behind prostate cancer, to help prevent the disease
  • Studying the relationship of vitamin D deficiency and lung cancer to find new therapies

Or you can choose to designate your support to a specific program or disease site research.  

For more information on the impact of donor dollars click here.