Endowment Campaign

Strengthening Roswell's Future Through Endowment

Roswell Park's endowment campaign is essential to the Cancer Center, to its faculty and to cancer patients across our community

What are endowment funds?

An endowment fund is like a permanent savings account. The principal of the original contribution is never spent — only a portion of its earnings is annually allocated for the purpose of the endowment. The remaining amount of the fund's earned income is reinvested to ensure future financial growth.

Why are endowment funds needed?

Strong endowment funds are essential to keeping Roswell Park's research and clinical programs moving forward to find cures and save lives. The distribution from these endowments provides flexible resources for the chairholders. These resources allow doctors and scientists to develop and manage their programs and to take advantage of emerging opportunities. The promise of annual unrestricted support is very attractive to Roswell Park faculty leaders and new recruits.

Why is the endowment campaign a top priority at Roswell Park?

We want you to be assured that should you or your family ever need it, Roswell Park will be ready to provide the best cancer treatments with compassionate care from exceptionally qualified physicians. Naturally, the best and brightest faculty want to be on a winning team where resources are available for their critical needs.

How does Roswell Park’s current endowment total compare to other comprehensive cancer centers?

Institution Established Assets
MD Anderson (Houston) 1940s $1.1 Billion
Memorial Sloan Kettering (New York CIty) 1930s $772 Million
Dana Farber (Boston) 1950s $576 Million
Fred Hutchison Cancer Center (Seattle) 1972 $144 Million
Roswell Park Comprehensive Cancer Center 1991 $40 Million


Will endowment funds help keep Roswell Park strong?

Yes. As you can see, other comprehensive cancer centers have been building their endowment funds for many years. Roswell Park has only been building endowment since 1991 when the Roswell Park Alliance Foundation was founded. Roswell Park needs great community support to grow its endowment today. It is a critical step to ensuring that the most promising ideas have the opportunity to flourish and that Roswell Park maintains its international stature to attract and retain the brightest minds in the field.