How to Schedule an Appointment

Patients are referred to Genetic Screening by their health care providers or by self-referral. For referral inquiries or more information, please call our Cancer Information Program at 1-800-ROSWELL (1-800-767-9355). An information specialist will complete a brief genetics questionnaire with you over the phone and we will contact you about an appointment.

If you are a physician’s office, you can refer a patient by faxing the referral information (including patient’s name, date of birth, contact information, personal and family history of cancer and reason for referral) directly to our office at (716) 845-5720.

At your appointment our Clinical Genetics Counselors will perform the following:

  • Cancer risk assessment
  • Genetic pedigree (a diagram of your family tree) analysis
  • Discussion about the genetic factors associated with specific cancers
  • Recommendations for cancer screening and prevention
  • Options for genetic testing and participation in research and registries, if applicable
  • Address individual concerns about genetic issues
  • Address personal, psychological, social, ethical and legal issues involved cancer genetic testing