Charges for Services and Insurance Plan Participation

Charges for Services

Inpatient hospital charges for services can be found on the New York State Pricing Transparency website. Please note that there are limitations to this data and it must be used in the context of both quality and type of care delivered.

If you are insured, these reported charges are unlikely to impact your financial obligation (such as your copay or coinsurance) after your insurance carrier makes payment.

Roswell Park is also committed to a robust financial assistance program to assist our patients. Cost estimates as well as information on these programs can be obtained by calling Roswell Park Financial Counselors at 716-845-4782.

Health Plans and Provider Networks

Below is a list of insurance plans and networks with whom Roswell Park participates. Your health insurance plan may also provide access to a network. Not all products or benefit plans may be covered under our contract with a health plan. Please contact your health plan directly to verify coverage specific to your policy. Please call our Patient Access Department at 1-800-767-9355 with questions or concerns.

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Non-Roswell Park Providers

As a Roswell Park patient, you may receive treatment or services from providers that have privileges at Roswell Park, but are not Roswell Park staff. This means that if you receive treatment and services by a non-Roswell Park provider while at a Roswell Park facility, you could potentially receive an additional bill if the provider is not participating with your health plan. To check your coverage for a non-Roswell Park provider, please review the list and contact their office.