Financial Assistance Program

We can help patients who are residents of New York State who may have difficulty paying for services and treatments at Roswell Park Comprehensive Cancer Center. We offer discounts to qualifying individuals based on your income and assets. In addition, we can help you apply for government sponsored programs if you qualify. Just contact our Financial Counselors at 716-845-4782 for assistance. For non-English speaking patients, interpreter services are available.

Who qualifies for a discount?

  • Financial Assistance is available for low income, uninsured individuals who are residents of the State of NY who are not otherwise eligible for government assistance programs such as Medicaid.
  • You cannot be denied medically necessary care because you need financial assistance.
  • You may be eligible for our charity care program regardless of immigration status.

The amount of the discount is dependent on your income and the size of your family. Income limits are based on 2017 federal poverty guidelines.

Roswell Park offers the following discounts off the most prevalent payer fee schedules for patients based on the following income and family size guidelines and are based upon the Federal Poverty Guidelines:

Do you need assistance understanding the charity care program?

Yes, help is available. Call 716-845-4782 for confidential assistance.

Can someone help me apply for charity care assistance?

Yes, our financial counselors are here to assist you. Call 716-845-4782.

Government Assistance

We can assist you with enrolling in government programs such as Medicaid, Family Health Plus and Child Health Plus. Call 716-845-4782 for assistance. Denial from such programs is a prerequisite for participation in Roswell Park's Charity Care Program.

What services are covered?

All medically necessary services provided by Roswell Park are covered by the Charity Care Program. This includes outpatient services, inpatient admissions and physician services rendered by the Roswell Park Clinical Practice Plan.

Pending Applications

You cannot be required to pay a hospital bill while your application for a discount is being considered. If your application is turned down, there is an appeal process in place.