Summer Research Program Living Accommodations

Outside view of Dugan Hall on the campus of Canisius College, 10 minutes by Metro rail to Roswell Park Comprehensive Cancer Center.

Students form bonds relaxing and studying in the common area on the dormitory floor. Common areas have a communal kitchen, couches and television.

Interns will share a dormitory room over the summer. Each room has two beds and work areas for roommates. Two rooms combine to make a suite with a shared living space.

Out-of-town interns may either stay with relatives in the Buffalo area or in designated dormitory housing made available through the program (what better way for a high school student to get a real sense of college life!). Dormitory living is available at nearby Canisius College. Canisius College is a four-year liberal arts college. The campus is located along the Metro rail and bus lines, creating an easy 10-minute commute to and from Roswell Park Comprehensive Cancer Center.

Dugan Hall features the following amenities to provide a comfortable and safe living environment for interns:

  • Four-person suites with common bathroom
  • Common areas with adjoining kitchen facilities and cable television
  • Coin-free laundry facilities on each floor
  • Air-conditioning
  • 24-hour security
  • Live-in resident assistant (RA)
  • Free Wi-Fi Internet access

2016 room rates were $30 per night. Out-of-town students will be informed of room rates for 2017 as part of the acceptance offer. Any potential room rate increases are not anticipated to be more than $1 – $2 per night.