Association of Post-doctoral Scholars

Who We Are:

The Association of Post-doctoral Scholars (APoDS) is a professional organization for scientific post-doctoral scholars working at RPCI. The organization is headed by an executive committee of current RPCI post-doctoral scholars. This committee meets every first Thursday of the month to address issues affecting current post-docs, plan career-advancement programs and plan social gatherings.

Mission Statement:

  • Promote productive dialogue between Post-doctoral scholars and the administration
  • Provide a forum to share research interests
  • Address issues relevant to post-doctoral scholars
  • Provide opportunities to obtain skills for advancing the careers of post-doctoral scholars

APODS Executive Meetings:

The APODS organization meets on the first Thursday of each month from 2-3   PM in the CGP, room L2-201. These sessions feature peer-led grant and publication critique; career and grant discussion with faculty members; data presentation; outside speaker presentations and novel technique/method seminars. The goal of the club is to foster collaboration between scientific post-doctoral scholars, improve scientific skills and prepare participants for attaining their career goals.