Cancer Pathology and Prevention Degree Requirement

Master of Arts:

Candidates are required to take prescribed courses and to submit a project report based on their research. A minimum of 36 credit hours, with a 3.0 (B) grade point average, is required.

Doctor of Philosophy:

After completing prescribed courses, doctoral students are expected to pursue research relevant to their theses. A minimum 72 credit hours is required, which may include applicable master’s degree credits. Research leading to a doctoral degree requires at least two years of full-time research in addition to fulfilling the course requirements.


During the first two years, candidates are expected to take examinations as required in their individual courses. At the end of the second year, students are required to pass a separate qualifying examination, which consists of written and oral sections. An oral defense of thesis is also required.

Mandatory Core Courses

The following core courses are required for all students in the Cancer Pathology and Prevention Program. An asterisk denotes core courses for masters degree students only. A plus sign denotes core courses for doctoral degree students only. Students must achieve a grade of "B" or better in the mandatory core courses. To see course descriptions, click here

PTR 536 Cancer Pathology
RPN 530/532 Oncology for Scientists
STA 527 Statistics for Biomedical Scientists
PTR 538 Techniques in Pathology
MIR 501/502 or MIC 512/514 Graduate Immunology
BMS  Principles of Biochemistry (Ph.D)
BCH 503 Principles of Biochemistry (Masters)
PTR 505/506 Recent Advances in Pathology Seminar
PTR 661-724 Graduate Research
PTR 509/510  Laboratory Rotation

Elective Courses

MT 540 Immunology of Tumors (3)
BIR 571/572 Regulatory Mechanisms of Cell Biology (4,4)
PHR 515 Principles of Cancer Chemotherapy (4)
PHR 516 Advances in Biometry (4)
MIR 613 Viral Oncology (4)
PTR 528 Tobacco Control (3)
PTR 502  Analysis of Health Related Data (3)

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