Requisites Applicable to All Training Programs

  • Home institute/country, sponsoring agency or the candidate (if self-supporting) will supplement Roswell Park Comprehensive Cancer Center with all applicable costs. This may include visa and immigration costs, the candidate's salary, fringe benefits, indirect cost, tuition and direct training cost. The applicability of these costs depends on the selected training program, type of visa, acceptable alternative benefits and duration of training
  • The cost of living is the responsibility of the candidates
  • Proof of financial support is required for all training programs. This proof can either be a financial support letter from the candidate's sponsoring entity or a recent copy of the self-supporting candidate's bank statement with a confirmation letter of self-support   
  • The duration of the training programs ranges from several weeks to three (3) years and depends on the request and type of training
  • English language proficiency is required for all training programs
  • Health insurance coverage is required for the entire duration of any training program and must be provided by the sponsoring entity or the self-supporting candidate             
  • At the completion of a training program, candidates will receive a certificate of training from Roswell Park Comprehensive Cancer Center or jointly with the partnered university.
  • Upon completion of a degree-awarding program, candidates will receive an official degree from the partnered university and a certificate of training, if applicable, from the OICO