Mentorship Program Leadership and Mentors

Faculty Development Leaders

Brahm Segal, MD
Director of Faculty Development
Chief, Infectious Diseases
Professor of Oncology


Irwin Gelman, PhD
Director of Research Integration
Professor of Oncology
Department of Cancer Genetics



Kirsten Moysich, PhD, MS
Distinguished Professor of Oncology
Department of Cancer Prevention and Control



Anna Woloszynska-Read, PhD
Assistant Professor of Oncology
Department of Pharmacology and Therapeutics


Faculty Mentors

Scott Abrams, PhD

Areas of expertise: immunotherapy, immune suppression and tumor microenvironment
Previous study section experience: NCI special emphasis panel on tumor immunology (ad hoc) VA Merit Review Panel in Immunology (ad hoc) Cancer Immunopathology and Immunotherapy (CII, ad hoc) Tumor microenvironment (TME)

Christine Ambrosone, PhD

Areas of expertise: Breast cancer, molecular epidemiology
Previous study section experience: NIH/NCI EPIC (formerly EDC-2) Group; NCI Special Emphasis Panel for P01 Special Review Panel, Outstanding Investigator Award applications

Dhyan Chandra, PhD

Areas of expertise: Heat shock proteins in cancer; Mitochondrial biology and dynamics in cancer; Oxidative phosphorylation and reactive oxygen species; Cell death; Cancer stem cells; Cancer health disparities; Anticancer therapeutics ; Radiation Biology and oxidative stress in cancer
Previous study section experience: Special Emphasis Panel ZCA1 SRB-1 (M1) Scientific Review Group, NIH; Basic Mechanisms of Cancer Therapeutics (BMCT) Scientific Review Group, NIH; Peer Review Medical Research Program (PRMRP), Department of Defense (DOD)

Deborah Erwin, PhD

Areas of expertise: Health Disparities, breast cancer, colorectal cancer, community-based participatory research

Sharon Evans, PhD

Areas of expertise: Dr. Evans' research program is focused on the inflammatory cues that control leukocyte trafficking through lymphoid organs and in the tumor microenvironment in the context of cancer immunotherapy.
Previous study section experience: NIH/NIAID Special Emphasis Panel for Review of NIAID Investigator Initiated Program Project Applications (P01) –ad hoc; NIH Study Section: Innate Immunity and Inflammation (III) –standing member

Irwin Gelman, PhD

Areas of expertise: Src-family and FAK Tyrosine kinase in cancer progression; control of cytoskeleton and cell motility in cancer and metastasis; spatiotemporal regulation of oncogenic signaling pathways by scaffolding proteins; Use of genetic screening (shRNA libraries) to identify novel metastasis-suppressor genes; Transgenic models of prostate cancer metastatic progression; 3D-bone niche cell culture models to identify dormancy-regulating genes in breast cancer
Previous study section experience: Prostate Cancer, DOD PCRP, DOD Breast Cancer, TME, NIH ZRG1 Oncological Sciences, Provocative Questions, DOD Cell Biology Study Section

Sandra Gollnick, PhD

Areas of expertise: Tumor immunology, T cell biology, Cytokine biology, Inflammation, Photodynamic therapy, Immune therapy
Previous study section experience: Radiation Therapeutics and Biology Study Section (NIH); Also reviewer for DOD, and others

Maciej Goniewicz, PhD, PharmD

Areas of expertise: nicotine pharmacology, nicotine dependence, smoking cessation, pharmacokinetics, toxicology , risk assessment, harm reduction, public health
Previous study section experience: NIH/FDA Special Emphasis Panel ZRG1 HDM-Q 54 R: Tobacco Control Regulatory Research

David Goodrich, PhD

Areas of expertise: Rb1 and Trp53 tumor suppressor gene networks, Cell cycle regulation and related therapeutic approaches, Prostate cancer, Genetically engineered mouse models, Ribonucleoprotein biogenesis
Previous study section experience: NCI-F Study Section, NIH; Charter Member, MONC Study Section,; Outstanding Investigator Award Study Section; PRCRP D-PDC Review Panel, DOD

Kenneth Gross, PhD

Areas of expertise: general molecular biology/murine molecular genetics, renal and pancreatic biology, stem cell biology, hypoxic signaling pathways as well as more fundamental developmental biology

Andrei Gudkov, PhD, DSci

Areas of expertise: Drug development
Previous study section experience: NIH Study Section Molecular Biology P01; NIH NIAID Special Emphasis Panel; “Predictive Biodosimetry: Discovery and Development of Biomarkers for Acute and Delayed Radiation Injuries”

Wendy Huss, PhD

Areas of expertise: Prostate development, stem cells, cancer, tumor microenvironment; ABC transporters
Previous study section experience: American Urologic Association Young Investigator Grants (2015); Scientific Reviewer, USAMRMC Prostate Cancer Research Program Peer Review (2006-2014); Reviewed Idea, Synergistic, new investigator, fellowship, and training grants

Andrew Hyland, PhD

Areas of expertise: Tobacco policy, health behavior, large dataset biostatistics

Richard Koya, MD, PhD

Areas of expertise: Immunotherapy
Previous study section experience: omnibus NCI immunology R21/R03 study sections, and some ad hoc R01 CII, and PQ11 study sections

Kirsten Moysich, PhD, MS

Areas of expertise: Epidemiology; case-control studies; prognostic outcome research; ovarian cancer; biomarker research; physical activity
Previous study section experience: K awards; SPORE; DoD breast and ovarian cancer

Richard O'Connor, PhD

Areas of expertise: Tobacco use and associated cancers, Behavioral sciences, Longitudinal designs and measurement, Multimethod approaches
Previous study section experience: many special emphasis panels for NCI (r03, r21, tobacco rfa) and NIDA (p30/p50, r21, social media rfa

Mary Reid, MSPH, PhD

Elizabeth Repasky, PhD

Areas of expertise: Tumor immunology, Mouse tumor models, stress responses, tumor microenvironment, Heat shock proteins, radiation therapy
Previous study section experience: CII- Cancer Immunology and immuno –pathology; adhoc committees related to trainees (F30-32), Radiation Therapy, and R-21

Brahm Segal, MD

Areas of expertise: Infectious Diseases/Microbiology, Innate immunity, Cytokine biology, Tumor microenvironment
Previous study section experience: Innate Immunity and Inflammation (III); ZRG1 IMM-J90S Adaptive and Innate Immune Response

Mukund Seshadri, DDS, PhD

Areas of expertise: animal imaging

Kazuaki Takabe, MD, PhD

Areas of expertise: Sphingolipid signaling, Breast cancer, Surgery, Mouse models, Angiogenesis/lymphangiogenesis, Tumor microenvironment
Previous study section experience: Tumor Microenvironment

Dean Tang, PhD

Areas of expertise: drug development, prostate cancer; stem cell development; cancer cell heterogeneity; cancer stem cells
Previous study section experience: American Cancer Society (ACS) Tumor Biology & Genetics (TBG) Study Section, NIH MONC Study Section, DOD PCRP TRN-CMB (PTA/PRTA), DOD PCRP FY14 IDA and SIDA Pre-Application Review, NIH NCI Frederick Center for Cancer Research (CCR), Cancer Inflammation Program Site Visit, Austrian Science Foundation grant review (Stem Cells & Cancer Stem Cells)

Yasmin Thanavala, PhD

Areas of expertise: Mouse models of chronic inflammation due to smoking and chronic infection and impact on immunity: expertise in a portfolio of assays to evaluate all aspects of humoral and cellular immunity both at systemic and mucosal sites. ; Underlying mechanisms of changes in immunity due to aging (immunosenescence). ; Extensive expertise in evaluating immune suppressive networks and their functional activity (Treg, MDSCs, cytokines, chemokines) in patients with advanced cancer or chronic infection. Evaluation of panel of biomarkers that predict OS following therapy
Previous study section experience: Member, Immunological Sciences; DoD, PRMRP Panel; NIAID’s Centers of Excellence in Translational Research

Song Yao, PhD

Areas of expertise: Population-based cancer epidemiology study design, collection of biospecimen and questionnaire data, statistical analysis and result interpretation. Molecular and genetic epidemiology research, with experience in germline and somatic cancer genetics, DNA methylation, microRNA. Circulating biomarkers for cancer diagnosis, prognosis and prediction to treatment. Cancer pharmacogenetics/pharmacogenomics 5. Cancer survivorship
Previous study section experience: Department of Defense, Breast Cancer Research Program, Peer Review Panel Member

Y. Eugene Yu, PhD

Areas of expertise: Engineering mouse models for human disease; 2) Mouse-based genetic analysis
Previous study section experience: 1)NIH: Developmental Brain Disorders, Ad hoc; 2) NIH: NHGRI Special Emphasis Panel ZHG1 HGR-M(J1) (Undiagnosed Diseases Network); 3) European Research Council Advanced Grants

Yuesheng Zhang, MD, PhD

Areas of expertise: Chemoprevention; Dietary chemopreventive isothiocyanates, ErbB1 and/or ErbB2 targeted therapy, Prolidase, Nrf2 signaling, Phase 2 enzymes
Previous study section experience: Special Emphasis Panel/Scientific Review Group ZRG1 OCT-X (02) M Translational Clinical Oncology; NIH/NCCAM SEP ZAT1 SM23 Study Section, Special Emphasis Panel/Scientific Review Group ZRG1 OTC-C (02): Cancer Therapeutics, Special Emphasis Panel/Scientific Review Group 2012/01 ZCA SRLB-2 (J1) S.

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