Radiation Oncology 2019 Pelvic Irradiation Symposium

Irradiating the pelvis comes with a unique set of challenges—for both the patient and radiation therapy team. How do you maximize comfort, limit side effects and ensure the best possible outcome for patients receiving radiation to this area of the body? During our 2019 Radiation Oncology Conference symposium, you will discover new ways to help your patients tolerate treatment to the pelvis with maximum comfort and quality of life for the best possible outcome. The featured panel includes a multidisciplinary team of experts from Roswell Park Comprehensive Cancer Center (Roswell Park):

  • Joe Pagano, RT(T), senior radiation therapist from Roswell Park, will discuss different simulation techniques — from common to “outside of the box” ideas — to maximize patient immobilization without compromising patient comfort.
  • Leayn Flaherty, PA, physician’s assistant from Roswell Park’s Department of Radiation Oncology, will share her experience helping patients manage the common side effects of pelvic irradiation, including diet and lifestyle modifications.
  • Certified Medical Dosimetrist Lee Culp, MS, CMD, RT(T) will enumerate the cost/benefit of 3D vs VMAT treatment planning within the pelvis and provide additional tips and tricks to minimize side effects.
  • Maryann Mikucki, MD, PhD, will take you on a brief historical tour of the radiation of gynecologic (GYN) cancer and introduce new ways of treating these cancers that you may not have considered before. She will also share uses and techniques behind brachytherapy for GYN cancers.

As an added bonus, Steven Nurkin, MD, MS, FACS, a surgical oncologist at Roswell Park who specializes in gastrointestinal cancers, will share his latest research on the “watch & wait” strategy for rectal cancer. You do not want to miss this!