Oncology Fellowship Didactic Conferences

Director's Conference - A weekly conference devoted to a broad range of topics, including MKSAP reviews, professionalism, ethics, patient-patient communication, and clinical topics of interest.

Journal Club - Fellows review current medical literature for critical discussion with faculty commentary. Attendance is mandatory.

Fellow Lecture Series - A didactic teaching conference for residents and fellows. Specific topics are presented that reflect educational competencies outlined in Section IV of the Curriculum. Attendance is mandatory.

Leukemia Conference - Primarily a case-management conference. Brief (15-20 minute) didactic presentations by fellows are included in most sessions. Attendance is mandatory for fellows on the Leukemia rotation.

Leukemia Morphology Conference - A monthly conference devoted to reviewing pathologic material and other diagnostic tests (cytogenetics, flow cytometry, molecular diagnostics) on patients with hematologic malignancies on the Leukemia service.

Lymphoma Conference - Primarily a case-management conference. Brief (15-20 minute) didactic presentations by fellows are included in most sessions. Attendance is mandatory for fellows on the Lymphoma rotation.

Bone Marrow Transplant (BMT) Conference - A weekly conference devoted to discussions regarding (a) advisability of referred patients proceeding onto BMT, (b) outcomes of patients treated by BMT, (c) side effects experienced by such patients, (d) didactics related to BMT, and (e) quality improvement.

Distinguished Speaker Series - A monthly conference held by the Institute for the presentation of clinical and basic science advances across a number of disciplines. Attendance is mandatory.

City-Wide Grand Rounds - These are city-wide grand rounds for the Department of Medicine of the State University of New York at Buffalo. Topics relate to general internal medicine. Attendance is encouraged.

Morbidity and Mortality Conference - This conference is presented jointly with faculty from the Department of Pathology. Case histories and autopsies of medical patients who have expired are discussed with emphasis on issues related to quality of care. Attendance is mandatory.

Medical Oncology Grand Rounds - These are detailed presentations of specific topics in oncology are given by experts in their respective fields. Experts from other institutions and from Roswell Park are invited to speak. Attendance is mandatory.

Multimodality, disease-specific conferences - These conferences are presented in conjunction with multimodality disease-oriented clinics. Conferences are attended by medical, surgical, and/or radiation therapy trainees and faculty, and also typically include pathology and radiology faculty. Case management, films, and pathology are discussed from a multidisciplinary perspective. Fellows and residents assigned to specific clinics must attend appropriate conferences. Trainees not assigned to specific clinics are also encouraged to attend when feasible. Disease-specific conferences include:

  • Thoracic
  • Soft-tissue malignancies/melanoma
  • Head and neck
  • Upper GI/Esophageal
  • GU
  • Breast
  • Lower GI
  • Gynecology

Lecture Series for Institute Fellows - This weekly conference addresses topics germane to all fellowship programs throughout the institute, such as clinical trial design, immunology, molecular genetics, statistics, etc.

Buffalo Veterans Administration Hospital (BVAH) - Fellows attend the following conferences during their 1-2 month rotations at BVAH: Medical Grand Rounds, Surgical Oncology Conference, head and neck tumor board, oncology/hematology conference, pathology review, mortality and morbidity conference, and bone marrow review.