ATLAS Internship Program

An ATLAS internship can be a great stepping stone for those interested in a career in business, engineering, medical illustration or for pre-med students. The ATLAS internships are a unique way to obtain hands-on experience by conducting new or assisting current projects and everyday tasks under a variety of areas. The ATLAS program consists of scientists, engineers, data managers, medical professionals, artists and marketing professionals from all walks of life. It is a rather unique multidisciplinary team that provides a vibrant work environment.

If you are joining us at ATLAS, you are joining us as our peer. Although there are no menial tasks in this position like running for coffee or crunching numbers, that does mean that your role comes with certain responsibilities. You will be expected to take on and complete a full project related to the needs of the program and your area of interest. Additionally, we expect you to stand your ground in debates, develop and appropriately express your opinions, help grow the program, your peers and yourself, and above all else work towards results!

Areas of Interest

Catch a ride with the ATLAS Team

  • Read a surgeon’s mind.
  • Let a computer help you operate.
  • Bring your vision to life with medical illustrations.
  • Follow the motions of a master robotic surgeon as you’re guided through complex surgical procedures, via augmented reality.

What sets ATLAS internships apart?

  • You’re exposed to the real clinical research environment.
  • You’re assigned your own tasks.
  • You’re given responsibility and leadership opportunities.
  • You have the opportunity to do independent research or carry out your own project.
  • You gain experience working with a diverse, multidisciplinary team.
  • You’re encouraged to be innovative, question current practices, and think creatively.
  • You’ll make leaps beyond simply shadowing a professional: ATLAS internship's hands-on approach allows deep exploration of your future profession.
  • You’ll work with experts in the field, using the most advanced ideas and technologies.
  • You’ll have the resources you need to be successful in both your projects at ATLAS and your future goals.


The ATLAS Program 
Phone: 716-845-8227