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The Fundamental Skills of Robot-assisted Surgery (FSRS) training program has trained nearly 400 national and international surgeons and is one of the oldest training programs for robot-assisted surgery (RAS) approach. The comprehensive, yet flexible curriculum can be tailored to your areas of interest and expertise. This program is skills-based, providing a foundation in RAS for any specialty. The program is formatted as a five-day structured format with capacity to book additional days, depending on your interest.

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Please note that cancellations submitted less than two weeks before your scheduled start date will result in forfeiting the full sum of the initial security deposit. If you reschedule training at a later date, or at the time of cancellation, the deposit will be rolled over, pending review by the course director.

Leaving the program early may result in the loss of your certification if you have not completed the mandatory curriculum, and it will result in a forfeit of the full payment. (Extenuating circumstances will be taken into consideration.) No certificate will be issued without full completion of the required course work.

Training Program Costs

Fundamental Skills in Robotic Surgery (FSRS)

  • Four-day curriculum; one day Final Evaluation
  • $3,500 USD

Program Extensions

Cost of each additional day of training in the following areas:

  • Surgical Robot Dry Lab (da Vinci Surgical System®) - $195 USD
  • Final Evaluation Lab (da Vinci Surgical System®) - $1,156 USD
  • OR Observation - $50 USD
  • Training Lab - $82 USD

Staff Training Program

  • Five-day curriculum
  • $890 USD
  • Train up to two staff members (nurses, technicians, etc.)

*Program costs reflect the 2017 calendar year

Required Documentation

All required documentation is due one month prior to visit.

Once your paperwork has been received and is complete, you will receive an email of clearance from our department.

Discount Information

No discounts will be offered without express confirmation from the ATLAS team. Discounts are offered at national and international conferences (limited time only) or based on referrals. 


If you have any questions, please contact our office.

The ATLAS Program 
Phone: 716-845-8227