Recruiter of the Year

2012 Recruiters of the Year
Lee Szczublewski and John Kraus both work at Lawley Insurance, which has been participating in our Save a Life at Lunch program for about two years. Lee and John are very passionate about recruiting team members to donate blood and platelets at Roswell Park. They always ensure a successful turnout and we are grateful for their ongoing dedication. Congratulations to Lee and John -- we're looking forward to another great year!

2011 Recruiter of the Year
Platelet donor Jack Foran had been donating at Roswell Park for a specific patient in need. After several visits on that donor’s behalf and a conversation with the Donor Center Recruiter Anita Humphreys, the Amherst Highway Department blood and platelet drive was born!

Now, four times during the year over 20 highway workers ride over on Roswell Park’s shuttle bus to donate blood and/or platelets. Jack, an Amherst Highway maintenance worker for over 15 years, serves as the blood drive coordinator. When asked what his group likes best about coming to Roswell to donate, Jack said, “It’s always an enjoyable experience when we come here. It’s convenient and the Donor Center staff members are courteous and professional. It’s very satisfying for all of us and we are so glad that we can make a positive contribution for the patients at Roswell Park.” Congratulations Jack-we appreciate all that you do!

2010 Recruiter of the Year
Deborah Evancho, Blood Drive Coordinator for Damon and Morey received the 2010 Recruiter of the Year Award and would like to encourage other law firms and companies to become involved in Roswell’s donor program by calling on Nike’s sentiments-Just Do It! Congratulations Deborah! We appreciate your dedication and enthusiasm.

2009 Recruiter of the Year
Jenny Taylor, Blood Drive Coordinator for Comfort Suites was selected for Recruiter of the year for 2009. Jenny is a committed coordinator who goes to great lengths to provide a significant number of donors for a relatively small work force. Jenny says “our donors find the experience at Roswell fun and they feel better knowing they are helping local cancer patients.”  Thanks for all you do-congratulations Jenny.

2008 Recruiter of the Year
Elaine Schmidt, RPCI Senior Medical Billing Clerk and Coordinator of the 901 Washington Street Blood Drive. Elaine's success and dedication made her an easy pick for "Recruiter of the Year". Congratulations Elaine!