Directing Your Donation

Marcia is a leukemia survivor who found strength through her team and supporters, many of whom provided blood and platelet donations at The Donor Center at Roswell Park.

Often people express the desire to become proactively involved in a loved one's treatment. Did you know that blood and platelet donations are a significant way to make an important contribution? Through Roswell Park's Directed Donor Program, friends and family members can arrange to donate directly for a specific patient.

There is a high demand for platelet donations at Roswell Park. Fortunately, platelets are compatible with all blood types, making this type of donation a viable option for many people. For whole blood donations, the donor and recipient must be compatible blood types. 

Donations are needed every day for our patients. Donor Center representatives are available to explain how to schedule a directed or non-directed donation. Please consider donating one of these blood products to someone who needs your help! You can take comfort in knowing your donation stays right here at Roswell Park. 

Call 716-845-8275, schedule an appointment online or e-mail