Patient education helps you and your loved ones to understand your diagnosis and prepare for what to expect before, during, and after treatment. Being well-informed allows you to confidently discuss treatment options with your health care team, ask questions, and make decisions that are right for you.

Our Patient Education Library offers a wide range of information from your Roswell clinicians and trusted organizations about diagnosis, treatment, discharge and home care instructions, drug profiles, and resources for support.

You can search by key word, or category, or browse the entire library (materials are listed alphabetically).

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Central Line Care At Home - Video Home Instructions
Ceritinib Medication
Cervical Cancer Screening - Survivorship - Online Screening
Cetuximab Medication
Chemo Orientation - Meet Your Team Video Dept Info
Chemo Orientation - Overview Video Dept Info
Chemo Orientation - Support & Empowerment Video Support
Chemo Orientation - Violet The Vial Video Dept Info
Chemo Process Flyer - Northtowns Online Treatment
Chemo Process Flyer - Southtowns Online Treatment
Chemobrain - Memory & Cognitive Changes From Drug Therapy Side Effect
ChemoInfusion Center - Online Dept Info
Chemoinfusion Center - Spanish Online Dept Info
Chemotherapy And You - NCI Treatment
Chemotherapy And You - NCI - Spanish Treatment
Chemotherapy Orientation Video - Resource Center Resource
Chest Ports - Online Home Instructions
Chest Ports - Spanish Online Procedure
Chest Tube - Online Procedure
Chest X-Ray Diagnostic Test
CHG (Chlorhexidine Gluconate) Bathing Cloths Home Instructions
CHG Bathing Cloths - Video Infection Control
Choosing Veins For Chemo - Patient Safety First - Online Procedure
Ciprofloxacin Medication
Cisplatin Medication
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