Intracavitary Photodynamic Therapy as an Adjuvant to Resection of Glioblastoma or Gliosarcoma Using IV Photobac®

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This study is the first step in testing the hypothesis that adding Photobac® Photodynamic Therapy to surgical removal of a glioblastoma or gliosarcoma will be both safe and effective.

Photodynamic Therapy (PDT) combines light and a photosensitizer. PDT has been used to treat a variety of cancers with varying degrees of success.

For the past thirty years Photolitec has been working to develop a treatment for glioblastoma or gliosarcoma using light and a photosensitizer. Photolitec's scientists were looking for a photosensitizer that:

1. has no significant systemic toxicity apart from some temporary skin photosensitivity,
2. crosses the blood brain barrier,
3. accumulates to a high level in glioblastoma and minimally in the brain,
4. is activated by the wavelength of light that penetrates most deeply into the brain,
5. minimizes any temporary skin photosensitivity.

Preliminary testing indicates the Photolitec team has achieved these five goals. Photolitec is now able to offer a clinical trial based on the results of this work.

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Phase I Study of the Safety of Intracavitary Photodynamic Therapy (PDT) of the Brain Bordering Resected Recurrent Glioblastoma or Gliosarcoma Using Intravenous Photobac® and a Balloon Light Applicator

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