(EAY 131-R MATCH): Phase II Study of Trametinib in Patients with BRAF Fusions, or With Non-V600E, Non-V600K BRAF Mutations
Frequency of non-V600 BRAF mutations Mutatations in BRAF at codons other than V600 (non-V600) have been identified in 2.79% of all tissue samples in the cBIO repository, a biorepository that includes 69 next generation sequencing studies across 23 histologic subtypes of cancer [8, 9]. These widely vary across cancer types, for example, in melanoma, approximately 5% of tumors harbor these mutations. These alterations are present in 1-3% of lung adenocarcinomas, and 1% or less of ovarian carcinomas, gastric carcinomas, prostate cancer, lung squamous cell carcinomas, glioblastomas,
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NCG 275215 R

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