(RTOG 1005) A Phase III Trial of Accelerated Whole Breast Irradiation with Hypofractionation Plus Concurrent Boost Versus Standard Whole Breast Irradiation Plus Sequential Boost for Early-Stage Breast Cancer

The purpose of this study is to compare radiation therapy given with a higher daily dose over 3 weeks with a boost given each day of radiation therapy compared with standard whole breast radiation followed by a boost given on separate days which extends over 6 to 6 1/2 weeks. It is not expected that there would be a difference in survival by changing the number of daily treatments and shortening the length of time needed for treatment. However, shortening treatment length could be more convenient and save time and money. It is not known, but it is hoped, that the higher daily dose of radiation to the breast has the same chance or better of preventing the breast cancer returning compared to standard daily doses of radiation.

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NCG 202411

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