(COG AEWS1031) A Phase III Randomized Trial of Adding Vincristine-Topotecan-Cyclophosphamide to Standard Chemotherapy in Initial Treatment of Non-Metastatic Ewing Sarcoma

Cyclophosphamide with topotecan has been demonstrated to be active in patients with recurrent and metastatic Ewing sarcoma. Vincristine has been shown to be synergistic with topotecan in xenograft models of rhabdomyosarcoma. This randomized Phase 3 trial will test the efficacy of adding vincristine-topotecan-cyclophoshamide to the interval compressed 5 drug backbone. This study will also assess initial tumor volume, histologic response to induction chemotherapy and response measured by FDG-PET as prognostic factors for even free survival in patients with non-metastatic Ewing Sarcoma.

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NCG 189510

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