(NWU09-4-03) Phase I Multiple Dose Study of 12-Week Treatment by Selenium (Se-Methyl-L-Cysteine(MSC) and Selenium (L SeMet) in Adult Males

This is a dose finding study in healthy adult males within the age range which prostate cancer diagnosis is most common (50-80 years).
Participants will be randomized to one of 3 treatment groups receive selenium as methyl selenocysteine or selenomethionine or placebo.
The study treatment period will be for about 3 months.
Blood will be drawn several times for analysis on day 1 and the final day (84) of this study.
Researchers will analyze the blood to see how the body digests and process each of these forms of selenium.
Tolerability of the treatments will also be monitored closely.

Study Number: 

I 182210

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