(COG ALTE05N1) Umbrella Long-Term Follow-Up Protocol
This umbrella long-term follow-up protocol will provide a systematic, cost-effective mechanism to facilitate and ensure timely and efficient collection of off-therapy; protocol-driven data by participating COG member institutions will be established and maintained in order to enhance the scope and quality of health related outcomes research within COG. The aims of this protocol are to:1) develop a mechanism for tracking and retaining patients enrolled on COG protocols; 2) maintain regular, lifetime contact with patients in order to obtain current identification and contact information and self/parent-reported health status;3) locate patients who are lost-to follow-up for COG protocols targeted for follow-up by the Long-Term Follow-up Center (LTFU); 4) provide current patient contact information and self/patient-reported health status updates to the COG statistics and data center (SDC); and 5) facilitate the collection of protocol-specific outcome data through collaboration with the COG Late Effects Committee and the SDC.
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NCG 139608

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