What to Expect

Information Gathering
During your first visit, you will undergo a health history and physical exam. Information that you bring with you (medical records, xrays, CT scans) will be compiled and organized by the thoracic team member. You will then meet with a physician team leader who will review the information with you and provide their recommendations.

Patient Teaching
A nurse will teach you about any tests or procedures that you will need. Your doctor will also review this information with you. Please take notes and ask questions. Further educational materials can be obtained from the nurses or by visiting the Resource Center for Patients and Families.

Planning Your Treatment
Once a diagnosis of cancer has been obtained you may go through several other tests before the final plan is determined. This is because the extent of the tumor must be determined. The final recommendation will be discussed in detail with you and your family. You may refuse any treatment or seek a second opinion.

The nurse and/or secretary will share information regarding specific tests and future physician appointments with you. Please make the nurse aware of any special needs or suggestions you have or any other problems that may affect your treatment (transportation needs, financial concerns, family worries). Nancy Bertran, RN, is the nurse leader of the clinic and is available to discuss any concerns.

Clinical Trial Consideration
If you qualify for participation in a clinical trial, a physician may present that option to you. If interested, a clinical research nurse will provide you with detailed written information on the research study.