Instant Access Service

Every day counts when a patient has cancer. The days spent waiting for an appointment, or the days taken up by various diagnostics required for staging and treatment planning—these are days not fighting the cancer. To provide rapid access to Roswell Park, we developed two new programs to help you get your patients with colorectal or anal cancer in for prompt evaluation:

  • Instant Access Appointment. For any newly diagnosed or suspected colorectal or anal cancer an appointment for initial evaluation can be made the same day or within 24 hours. A division of Colon and Rectal Surgery faculty member will see your patient and you’ll receive prompt feedback regarding further testing, treatment or need for comprehensive evaluation with our multidisciplinary team.
  • Rectal Cancer Multidiciplinary Clinic provides a One-Day staging evaluation for newly-diagnosed rectal and anal cancer patients. This clinic day includes CT scan, ultrasound and other diagnostics. Evaluation is done in consultation with faculty in the departments of medicine, surgical oncology and radiation medicine; all pertinent clinical studies are reviewed in a multidisciplinary conference; and a comprehensive treatment plan presented to the patient.

To request an instant access appointment call: 1.800.ROSWELL (1.800.767.9355)