Translational Glycomics Postdoc Training Program

Health Research Inc. (HRI) Roswell Park Division
Dept of Molecular & Cellular Biology
Salary compensation is competitive and commensurate with qualification and experience
Description of Duties

The Translational Glycomics K12 program is currently accepting and considering applications from outstanding and motivated scholars. This program is intended for MD, MD/PhD, and PhDs at postdoctoral level for career development into independently funded researchers specializing in translational glycosciences.  Each scholar is required to spend at least 2 years, limited to 3 years in the program.  Each applicant will be evaluated independently, and program designed on an individual basis.  Clinical MD’s must be able to devote 75% or greater time into the Program.

posted: 9/4/18


There are 3 centers for this Program: Blood Research Institute of Wisconsin; Roswell Park, and Virginia Commonwealth University.  All exceptionally motivated scholars interested in any one of these three centers are encouraged to apply or to inquire.   Go to:

Applicant Instructions

Interested individuals in the WNY area are encouraged to contact Joseph Lau directly (