Postdoctoral Position in Breast Cancer Research at Roswell Park Cancer Center:

Center for Personalized Medicine
Full Time
Commensurate with accumulated post doctoral research experience and NIH pay scale
Description of Duties

Postdoctoral position is open for highly motivated candidates in the laboratory of Dr. Erik Knudsen in the Center for Personalized Medicine, Roswell Park Comprehensive Cancer Center, NY- a National Cancer Institute (NCI) designated comprehensive cancer center. The Knudsen lab focuses on the RB-pathway and CDK4/6 inhibitors in multiple forms of breast cancer.  State of art facilities such as genomics, multiplexed imaging, and sophisticated cancer models are widely used in the laboratory. Multiple models systems, including Genetically Engineered Mouse Models (GEMMs), patient-derived xenograft (PDX), and syngeneic tumor models are used to address challenging mechanisms in cancer. Currently the laboratory is stably funded by multiple grants from NIH/NCI and other funding sources. 

The postdoctoral position is focused on the biology, genetics, and treatment of breast cancer.   This work is focused on using preclinical models of disease to develop new insights into disease progress/therapeutic resistance and elucidate novel targets therapeutic intervention.   This work will employ an integrated analysis of functional studies, clinical specimens, and patient-derived models.

Ideal candidates will have experience with cancer research and have a track record of leading projects to publication.   Postdoctoral fellows will be expected to direct independent projects in a multi-disciplinary setting, assist in mentoring junior lab members, and apply for independent fellowship funding.   A long-term goal of the project is to bring the research to clinical application and fellows will have the opportunity to directly contribute to clinical trial development and interactions with the multi-disciplinary teams in pancreatic cancer.

The search is primarily targeted towards scientists who are completing their PhD or have recently graduated with first author publications demonstrating their skills in related areas of gene transcription, epigenetics, biochemistry, cancer biology, and immunology. Experience of working with mouse models of cancer will be preferred. The candidate should possess outstanding written and verbal communication skills.



1. PhD in a related discipline

2. Record of research accomplishment

3. Self motivated with a positive attitude

4. Strong interpersonal skills

Applicant Instructions

Interested individuals should send a CV, statement of interest, and a list of three references to:
Erik Knudsen, PhD