Post-doctoral Research Affiliate in Tumor Biology

Health Research Inc. (HRI) Roswell Park Division
Surgical Oncology
Commensurate with prior post-doctoral research experience
Description of Duties

Postdoctoral Fellowship in Tumor Biology is available immediately to study the molecular mechanisms and therapeutic interventions associated with focal adhesion kinase (FAK) modulation of the near-universal phenomenon of aerobic glycolysis and abnormal survival. We are currently focusing on: 1) FAK binding with and stabilization of insulin-like growth factor 1 receptor via a novel serine residue on FAK, 2) FAK-pyruvate kinase signaling leading to reprogramed glucose metabolism in cancer invasion and metastasis, and 3) anticancer small molecules targeting oncogenes and enzymes that promote excessive glucose consumption in order to cut off fuel supplies and prevent tumor growth. Through this strategy, we are currently targeting multiple tumor types including esophageal, pancreatic and colon cancer, utilizing animal models of orthotopic tumor growth as well as tumor samples taken from the operating room and implanted in immunocompromised mice. As part of the training experience, the postdoctoral associate will obligatorily participate in activities including lab research meetings, postdoctoral training program and seminars. The postdoctoral is expected to gain expertise, productivity and scientific independence in the area of oncometabolism and pharmacological interventions.


Required credential: a PhD or MD in a cancer biology-related field, skilled at metabolic assays, gene manipulation, and assessments of proliferation, apoptosis and cell cycle, experience with mouse tumor models of human xenografts, and a background in cell biology, molecular biology, and/or pharmacology.


Applicant Instructions