Internal Collaboration

Roswell Park is a teaching institution with a long and illustrious tradition as a Graduate Division of the University at Buffalo. Today 200 students from across the U.S. and around the world are pursuing masters and doctoral degrees at Roswell Park.

  • Our graduate programs are closely aligned with multidisciplinary, translational research programs at Roswell Park that ensure student access to superior resources and faculty.
  • Programs of excellence include doctoral programs in cellular and molecular biology, cancer pathology and prevention, immunology, molecular and cellular biophysics, molecular pharmacology and cancer therapeutics, as well as an interdisciplinary doctoral program and a Master of Science program.
  • The Cancer Pathology and Prevention Program is one of only a handful of programs in the country focusing on the emerging field of chemoprevention.
  • The core curriculum includes a two-semester, comprehensive course in oncology, laboratory rotations, and research ethics training.
  • The state-of-the-art medical and scientific library provides electronic access to more than 700 journals.

The spirit of mutual education extends beyond formal academic programs into our clinical and research endeavors. Senior faculty demonstrate a genuine interest in mentoring their junior colleagues. The close working relationships that develop enhance the comfortable spirit of collegiality at Roswell Park and make it possible for junior faculty to move farther and faster in their professional development. Our Employee Forum meetings bring together all members of the Institute, keeping the Roswell Park community informed about work in other divisions and providing a forum for inquiry, recognition, and camaraderie. The meetings reinforce the collaborative spirit at Roswell Park, supporting one mission that promotes innovation and progress.

Roswell Park encourages new ideas, and its strategic plan is designed to support their fulfillment. Among other advantages:

  • Roswell Park provides competitive startup packages for research and highly competitive pricing for shared research facilities.
  • The Technology Transfer Office is responsible for patents, trademarks and copyrights and marketing of Roswell Park discoveries.
  • Roswell Park partners with a number of regional economic-development organizations focused on commercializing cutting-edge life sciences research.

By sharing resources with other major institutions, Roswell Park has access to the best technology available for virtually any need. This benefits our patients as well as our research scientists.

  • Roswell Park is a member of the Upstate New York Coalition for Biomedical Research (UNYCoR). Other coalition members include: the University of Rochester Medical Center, Cornell University, the SUNY Upstate Medical University, and the University at Buffalo. UNYCoR promotes greater researcher access to high-quality core resources and works to attract peer-reviewed funding for collaborative research.
  • Roswell Park has access to the University at Buffalo supercomputing facilities — among the top 10 in the nation, with Dell, Linux, Sun, and SGI clusters. The Dell cluster alone is capable of delivering 5.9 teraflops at peak performance.
  • Roswell Park is a founding member of the Regional Cancer Center Consortium for Biological Therapy of Cancer, bringing together cancer researchers from New York, Ohio and Pennsylvania who work in immunology and biological therapies.

The success of our mission is linked directly to the quality of our faculty. That’s why recruitment of the very best people is one of our highest priorities. Roswell Park has recruited more than 130 top clinical and scientific faculty members in five years, and they, in turn, are attracting the best and brightest junior faculty and graduate students.

Together with partners in the Buffalo Niagara region, Roswell Park is building a global center of life sciences research and development. BuffLink, a private, nonprofit corporation, is a valuable resource for the team, nurturing new ventures by identifying critical support for startup and expansion. Drawing on the region’s expansive pool of expertise in science, business, and finance, Roswell Park is a catalyst for extraordinary growth and progress.