Clinical Careers

Cancer patients are at the heart of our work. Our hospital provides the best care available, in part because our multidisciplinary clinics are centered on specific diseases rather than physician specialties in surgery or oncology. This approach recognizes the systemic nature of cancer, providing a broader perspective and ensuring that the patient’s full medical team reviews every facet of diagnosis and treatment.

Our patients benefit in other ways from RPCI’s clinical advantages:

  • As an NCI-designated Comprehensive Cancer Center, RPCI provides not only medical diagnosis and treatment but also a network of support services to address patients’ psychological and spiritual needs. The RPCI team is dedicated to enhancing the quality of life of our patients and their families.
  • Patients at RPCI benefit from access to clinical trials. RPCI has sponsored or collaborated on more than 350 clinical trials.
  • Our hospital focuses exclusively on the treatment of cancer patients, so our clinical staff is free to concentrate its clinical work in specific areas of oncology without interruptions for unrelated cases.
  • As an NCCN member institution, RPCI contributes to the development of national standards of care in oncology and works closely with major payers to raise the standard of patient care both locally and regionally.

Our multidisciplinary approach to the RPCI mission brings together faculty from different disciplines, encouraging discussion and collaboration. Because our laboratory and clinical facilities share a single integrated campus, there is frequent interaction between basic researchers and clinicians. The same spirit of collaboration advances our work in the larger community. RPCI has established strong relationships with other institutions in this region and in other parts of the nation.